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Hands Supporting Family.jpg

Credits + Attributions


- Artem Maltsev - teacher with raised hands

- Hand sanitizer photo - couldn't find attribution

- Clay Lecony - man on street

- Housing rally photo - couldn't find attribution



A. Family Promise - Essex

a. Man with keys

b. Mom and kids on home page 

c. Kids playing instruments 

d. Family around kitchen table


B. Family Promise - Warren

        a.   Family in shelter around kitchen table


C. Family Promise - Hunterdon County

        a. mom kissing child


C. Isaiah House 

        a. Nurse with guest


D. HomeFront 

        a. House under construction

        b. Preschool class

        c. Women in computer class

        d. woman with guests in shelter bedroom

        e. ArtSpace artist

        f. case management


E. Covenant House

        a. shelter beds

        b. woman in Christmas headband


F. Eviction Lab

        a. woman looking out window

        b. evictions to be scheduled sign



F. Photographers:

1. Matt Collamer - Seeking human kindness

2. Adam Reynolds - Mother & child - source Economic Hardship Reporting Project

3. istock - Hands supporting family (paper cut out)

4. Photo by Ev on Unsplash - Man sitting on box on city street

6. Hannah Busing - hands in huddle

7. Rosie Frasier - hand on woman's back

8. Jordan Whitt on unsplash - mom hugging child

9. Christina Wocintechchat on unsplash

10. Nathan Dumlau on unsplash_edited - little boy smiling

11. Desolo Lanre Ologun on unsplash


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