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"No More Delays on New Jersey Housing" New York Times, Opinion Pages

In November, the Christie administration disobeyed an order by the State Supreme Court by failing to adopt guidelines for determining how much affordable housing will be built in the state and where.  For several years, the administration has disregarded state housing laws that require a reasonable amount of affordable housing in every town.  To read this editorial, click here.



"'Housing First' program stemming the tide of homelessness in Hudson County" The Jersey Journal

The United Way of Hudson County's Housing Collaborative Solutions program is working with HUD to provide permanent supportive housing to those experiencing homelessness.  Their work is part of a federally-funded effort to place the homeless into housing with support services first, without any other requirements.  Housing First is central to the county's 10-year strategic plan to end homelessness, which the United Way helped to craft.  For the full article, click here.



"For the homeless, hotels don't feel like home" Press of Atlantic City

Burlington County will be launching a Rapid ReHousing pilot program in 2015 in an attempt to end long-term hotel placements and move homeless individuals into permanent housing.  The program is part of the county's broader plan to end homelessness, and has a goal to have people transition to permanent housing within 90 days.  To read the full article, click here.




"More public scrutiny may await facilities housing poorer NJ residents" NJ Spotlight

A new bill, passed this  month which requires the state to post health and safety inspection reports on boarding homes and homeless shelters.  This new law will benefit the 17,000 people in New Jersey who live in the facilities covered by the measure.  To read the full article, click here.



"NJ courts key to continuing fair housing options in state: Opinion" NJ Star Ledger

NJ is currently the fourth most expensive rental market for a two-bedroom apartment in the country.  In January, the state Supreme Court will have an opportunity to make changes that will affect the rental market and have the capacity to reduce homelessness.  To read more, click here.



"Jersey City school children among those touched by homelessness" The Jersey Journal

As part of their series "Homeless in Hudson," The Jersey Journal reports on the large number of children in Jersey City experiencing homelessness and the impact it can have later on.  To read the article, click here.



"Too many homeless, too few beds in Hudson County" The Jersey Journal

As part of the series, "Homeless in Hudson", this article provides information on Hudson County's three homeless shelters, and the trends observed by each compared to nationwide statistics.  For example, at the Hoboken Shelter, they're seeing a growing number of homeless seniors and women.  To read the article, click here.



In Trenton the number of hungry individuals rises, homelessness remains stagnant" Times of Trenton

The 2013 Hunger and Homelessness Report released this week took data from 25 cities including Trenton, and showed that in spite of the improving economy, requests for emergency food assistance in the city increased slightly, while the supply of food at food pantries was down.  To read the article, click here.



"America's Youngest Outcasts" A report prepared by the National Center on Family Homelessness

The report, released today ranks each of the 50 states on how they are addressing child homelessness from best (1) to worst (50).  Significant causes of child homelessness and effective solutions are provided. New Jersey ranked number five overall, though was 20th in "risk for child homelessness" and 18th in "state policy and planning".  To learn more, the full report and summaries can be found by clicking here.



"Feeding the homeless: Act of charity or a crime?"  New Jersey Herald

In October, 90-year old homeless veteran Arnold Abbott was arrested in Florida for feeding the homeless on a Fort Lauderdale beach, and the story has since received national attention.  Following the lead of nearly 30 other US cities, Fort Lauderdale recently passed restrictions on feeding the homeless in public places in an effort to curb the growing homeless population that has overrun local parks.  These policies run contrary to the results of a study conducted by the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty, which found that laws criminalizing homelessness are ultimately ineffective as they do not address the underlying causes of homelessness, are expensive to taxpayers, and often violate homeless persons’ constitutional and human rights. To learn more, including constructive alternatives to criminalization, the complete study may be found here.  To read the article with details on the Florida case, click here.



Editorial: "Trenton Agencies Seek to Assist Homeless as Encampments are Cleared" The Times of Trenton

In the wake of clearing out several makeshift shelters on the streets of Trenton, government officials and nonprofit agencies are working to provide the city's large homeless population with much-needed social services.  Click here to read the article.



"COAH's Attempt to Adopt New Rules for Affordable Housing Goes Nowhere Fast" NJ Spotlight

The NJ Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) recently voted against new rules that would have made it more difficult for towns to increase their supply of affordable housing.  However, the lack of action on the part of the Council highlights the need for the State to agree on a plan to reform its affordable housing process. Click here to read the article.



"'Housing First' Advocates Look to Expand, Take Program Statewide" NJ Spotlight

State Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald, Dr. Jeffrey Brenner of the Good Care Collaborative and others explain the importance of implementing housing first for the chronic homeless in New Jersey.  They cite the importance of housing first in improving healthcare outcomes and reducing medical expenditures. Click here to read the article.



"Hurricane Sandy Created Wave of Homeless Children, Data Show"

NJ has seen an increase in homeless children in recent years, but the state and federal government have thus far failed to deal with the issue effectively.  Click here to read the article.



"Explainer: How many people are homeless in New Jersey?" NewsWorks 

In an interview with Hank Kalet, a contributor on homelessness for NJ Spotlight, Kalet breaks down the number of homeless people in New Jersey and explains Governor Christie's strategy to combat homelessness. Click here to listen to the podcast.



"How Traditional Homeless Agencies Can Help End Homelessness" Huffington Post, Blog

A push for traditional homeless service providers to shift their focus to housing first, and to prioritize those who have been on the street the longest in order to make a dramatic impact toward ending homelessness, written by the CEO of PATH, a long-standing homeless service agency based in Southern California.  Click here to read the article.



"Bergen homeless center honored at White House" The Record

The Bergen County Housing, Health, and Human Services Center was honored for successfully housing its chronic homeless population, and was recognized for being in-line with federal policies to end homelessness nationwide.  Click here to read the article.



"Explainer: A Primer on Homelessness in the State of New Jersey" NJ Spotlight

In this extensive break-down of the results from New Jersey's latest Point-in-Time Count, Hank Kalet explains the methodology for the count, the numbers themselves, and what's being done to address the issue of homelessness in the state.  Click here to read the article.



"Governor Chris Christie Takes Action to Combat Homelessness in New Jersey" State of New Jersey

NJ Governor signs executive order to form Interagency Council on Homelessness and develop a ten-year plan.  Click here to read the article.

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